About the Site

The Site:

The media is still more preoccupied with female tennis players being an image in front of the camera rather than an example of athletic achievement. Although this site won’t change that view – and how could it? we need a real 21st century male mind to do that – it does aim to discuss women’s tennis and women’s tennis only.

The WTA’s new slogan – Strong is Beautiful – goes some way to changing the attitude towards women’s tennis but there is still a long way to go before it garners the same respect the men’s game doesn’t realise it has.

No smut allowed, no gossip and no ‘hey look at this video of her skirt when serving’.

With FC Copenhagen at Camp Nou

With FC Copenhagen at Camp Nou

The Editor:

I set up this site as a side project alongside my freelance sports journalism work after realising the women’s game gets far less attention than the men’s, despite the quality on show in the WTA.

Along with my commitments to this site, I am a freelance sports journalist at ICS-Digital in Leeds and the staff writer of Danish football club FC Copenhagen. My sporting interests besides tennis are football, rugby league, cricket and two of the four American sports (I can’t remember which).

I hope you enjoy the site. All comments are welcome.

Joe Short

Write for Three_Sets:

Although we are still new to the world, we welcome anyone interested in writing for Three_Sets. Please email editorthreesets@yahoo.co.uk.


Please contact editorthreesets@yahoo.co.uk


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